Korg Sampling RAM Module for PA800, GRA0002101

Sampling RAM chip for PA800. 64MB SDRAM EXB SODIMM 145


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Any of the following types of symptoms could be an indication of bad SDRAM within the PA800.

  • Distorted output.
  • Sample memory is not showing up on the sampling info screen. More details are available at www.korgpa.com
    This can be checked by pressing [SOUND] followed by [RECORD], and then selecting the "Sampling Info" tab on the screen.
  • The Test Mode indicates a RAM error.


The PA800 has two banks of SDRAM. Bank #1 consists of a number of ICs soldered onto the CPU board. Bank #2 is a removeable SODIMM module installed into a socket on the CPU board. Use the buit-in diagnostic test to check the SDRAM and determine which bank the problem is in.

A message indicating an error in bank #2 (Ram Bank 2/2 Buss Error) can safely be assumed to be a problem with the SODIMM module. Replacing the module. (part # GRA0002101) should solve the problem.

  • A message indicating an error in bank #1 (Ram Bank 1/2 Buss Error) can be a problem with either the on-board SDRAM, or with the TGL IC that interfaces to this SDRAM. Inspect and/or replace the on-board SDRAM, or replace the CPU board if a bad TGL is suspected.
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