Korg Power Supply, T502-ND, TRA0003002, RGD4112500, E00915800A, KA233


Korg power adaptor KA-113 12 volt power adaptor

As used on: 

05R/W, KP1 KAOSS PAD, SP100, SP200,X5, X5D, X5DR

This power supply replaces the discontinued TRA0003002, RGD4112500, E00915800A, KA233

Please call if you can't find your keyboard listing among these listed supplies. We can get Power Supplies for almost ANY model of Korg Keyboard... Actual product may look different than pictured as Korg switches manufacturers on these quite often, but the specs will be the same, and they'll work just fine.


SKU: T502-ND
Price: $39.95