Jensen speaker P10R

Great for most vintage Fender amps that use 10 inch sheakers.

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Alnico speakers produce a sweet, warm, vintage tone. They sound best at low levels and are great for blues, jazz and mellow rock. Alnico speakers respond quickly, giving the musician a “one with the amp” feel. They are world renowned as the premium speaker with the best tone. The very first speaker ever used in a guitar amplifier was a Jensen® Alnico speaker - the P15N. The first Fender® Bassman® and Bandmaster® amplifiers were loaded with Jensen® P15N Alnico speakers. In fact, Alnico speakers were originally used exclusively by Fender® and other amp manufacturers. The P10R was the signature speaker in Fender's legendary Super Reverb®. Alnico speakers are made with magnets containing aluminum, nickel and cobalt. They are often featured in print as “AlNiCo”, symbolizing the three respective elements. Cobalt is difficult to procure these days resulting in Alnicos being the most expensive speakers in the Jensen® line. All Jensen® Alnico speaker model numbers begin with the letter P, and are therefore often referred to as the P series. Next in the model number is the diameter of the speaker. Alnicos are available in the following diameters: 8”, 10”, 12” and 15”. Following the size is a letter which traditionally is used to designate the speaker power rating. For example, R (25 watts), Q (35 watts) and N (50 watts). Therefore, a P12Q speaker has an Alnico magnet, a 12” diameter and is rated at 35 watts. After determining what impedance is needed, you are ready to choose your Alnico speaker! Alnico speakers are available with or without an end bell (purchased separately). The end bell is for aesthetics only and has no effect on thesound of the speaker.

Price: $79.95